SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application

SPINN is designed to be more than just a way to communicate with doctors and family in a healthcare setting. SPINN helps protect you as you lead an active life.

Designed originally at the request of organizers of some of the leading marathon races, the SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application brings the convenience of Personal Health Records to participatory sporting activities such as races, and youth sports such as baseball, soccer, or football. No need for paper forms that are left back in a file cabinet someplace. The SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application insures that critical personal health information will be available at the time and place it is needed. Medical staff can also enter information about the event including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and disposition. This information can later be viewed on-line by hospital staff.

The SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application has also been integrated with the ChronoTrack road race timing system. The ChronoTrack road race timing system, with its “D” timing tag, allows race organizers to record runners times at the starting line, finish line and other points along the route, resulting in accurate timing for each individual runner. In an emergency, these “D” timing tags can be scanned by medical staff using the SPINNphr Medical Event Tracking Application installed on an off-the-shelf PDA with an RFID reader to identify the runner. The SPINN Emergency Notification feature can be programmed to automatically send an email or text message to the runner’s friends or family, letting them know that the runner is receiving medical attention and providing them with information about how to contact the medical staff.